Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Cheats: Be the Best Hologamer in the Entire Galaxy

1 May , 2017 mobile games

For any Star Wars enthusiast out there, this is the game for you. The Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is no ordinary mobile RPG card game; it entails building a powerful team of some of the best warriors from a galaxy far, far away. With exciting characters such as Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader on your team, you are tasked with the responsibility of conquering your opponents in epic battles.

Star Wars galaxy of heroes cheats

Nonetheless, this game is quite difficult for many players. Many barely win a single battle. If you have had a terrible losing streak in this game, here are some Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats, tips, and tricks that will change your entire gaming career for the better:

1. Always complete your daily activities

This is a great way of amassing as many credits, energy, crystals, and XP as possible. These daily activities involve simple tasks such as achieving a certain number of Light and Dark side battles, filling some character slots, training characters, as well as winning some battles. Try your best to complete each and every daily challenge thrown your way, and you may never run out of resources.

2. The secret of the ‘Challenge Mode’

When you finally unlock the Challenge Mode, brace yourself for some ruthless and stronger opponents than before. Some of these characters will finish your whole team with little or no effort at all. The secret to winning such battles is equipping your team with members that have the ability to bring down offensive capabilities of your enemies. With that said, characters with debuff abilities are perfect for the Challenge Mode battles.


3. Save your splash attacks for last

As you begin the game, a member of your team will have the ability to attack more than one opponent at once; this is the splash attack. During Dark and Light side battles, you will have to defeat a series of enemies before getting to the boss character. Therefore, it is wise that you save all your best strategies and attacks for last. Do not waste a lot of power-ups and energy before the last skirmish.

galaxy of heroes hack

4. Utilize the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes hack

This is the ultimate cheat! With the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats you can generate as many crystals and credits as your heart desires. This tool is readily accessible online, and you don’t need to download anything. This is a safety measure that will ensure you don’t get any virus into your device. The Galaxy of Heroes cheats are also accessible on both iOS and Android platforms. Amazing, isn’t it? You will never have to spend your hard-earned money on game resources with this incredible tool.

How safe is the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes cheats?

The Galaxy of Heroes hack is as secure as it can get; no doubt about that! This hack tool is created with professional game developers, so you can be assured that your identity is safe and your hacking activities cannot be traced back to you. The daily update feature will also ensure that your game’s progress is never lost.

What are you waiting for? Get unlimited game resources using this Galaxy of Heroes cheats.

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